Navigating Consent and Terminology in Aesthetic Medicine

All cases featured on this clinic’s website necessitate a signed consent form from the patient. Upon securing the patient’s consent, the website serves as a treatment point of reference for online users. Furthermore, all terminologies utilized on the website pertaining to surgical procedures or any medical aesthetic treatments deviate from industry or media standards and avoid commonly used terms found on the internet or those that have become commonplace. Should you encounter any uncertainties regarding the terminologies or have inquiries, kindly reach out to our clinic via the messaging system or by phone. We greatly appreciate your feedback. In the event of any inappropriate content or violations of medical regulations, our clinic commits to promptly rectifying and removing the information. We ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

[Taichungbishop] Announcement from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Executive Yuan: “Aesthetic medicine” generally involves the application of invasive or minimally invasive medical techniques by qualified physicians using procedures such as surgeries, medications, medical devices, biotechnological materials, etc., to enhance bodily appearance rather than primarily treating diseases. This practice, conducted by certified medical professionals through specialized medical techniques, employs minimally invasive procedures to “enhance” bodily appearance. It is conducted in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Medical Registration No. 0990262180 and the Ministry of Health’s Medical Registration No. 1031662939, and is subject to manual approval. In cases of off-label use, physicians are obligated to transparently communicate the reasons for such use and potential risks, obtaining patient consent prior to administration. Regarding indications, contraindications, and other potential side effects, physicians will provide individualized explanations.

This website prohibits any third-party internet service provider from transcribing its online information for user access via clicking. However, this restriction does not apply to individuals accessing the website (domain) of a medical institution directly through internet searches or hyperlinks.

Risk Warning: All surgeries entail risks; please conduct thorough evaluations!

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